Automatization, Telecommunication and Control

The Head of the Chair

Musabekov Akhmetbek,

Cand.Tech.Sci., the senior teacher





Address:   486018 Shymkent city, 5 Tauke-khan avenue, M. Auezov SKSU, “4” building, floor 3, the Faculty of Informational Technologies, Telecommunications and Automatized Systems, the Chair “Automatization, Telecommunication and Control”.

Tel.: 8(7252)-301412

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The objectives and outcomes of the educational program of the undergraduate program

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History of the Chair

The first production of specialists in Automatization of Technological Processes and Productions in  Kazakh Chemical and technological institute took place in 1967. Most graduates of this year have stayed to work at the chair “Processes and  Apparatus”, it is precisely they who organized and created the chair “Automatization”. Nowadays the Chair of “Automatization, Telecommunication and Control” is one of the largest and developing chairs of M. Auezov SKSU.

At present most of our graduates are engaged in maintenance, repairing, adjustment, designing of automatization systems, controlling and measuring instruments and automized system of control and technological processes; starting from ordinary engineers they become section managers, chief instrument tenders, directors of enterprises. A part of graduates was engaged into scientific research work and defended 8 doctoral and above 35 candidate works.


Associate professors of the chair made some significant inventions. The associate professor A.M. Inkov got patents for 8 inventions in the field of detectors and automatization systems creation. The associate professor T.T. Tapalov developed water level and dry substances detector The associate professor S. N. Khusainov invented the device for automotized control of soluble polymerization process. The candidates for a master’s degree of the chair carry out scientific research work in the field of virtual apparatus development for industrial use.

The chair works on the development and designing of technological processes and production of systems of automatization, mathematical modeling and synthesis of technological processes, development and research of telecommunication and connection systems.

The associate professor T.T. Tapalov introduced the results of stream struture of gas-liquid layer in the oil-change apparatus research into production of chemical industry. An associate professor S.U. Ismailov developed the system of waste water classification.

Laboratory stand for temperature, pressure and liquid flow controlling and regulation with a help of computer was developed and made by associate professors T.T. Tapalov, A.M. Inkov, S.U. Ismailov and the students of the group IP-07-5r D. Pankratjev, P. Semenenko.Software is developed for this stand as well. The obtained results were introduced into educational process.

The chair staff of the chair work on creation of two projects: the development of “System of Automotization of liquid components dosage in chemical production apparatus” and “System of Automotization of Wort Preparing Production”. In the result of these systems introduction in corresponding production we expect to increase the acuracy of chemical components dosage participating in the processes and to increase the speed of wort preparation in bear production. All these have significantly to increase the quality output and economical efficiency of the production.      

International Links

Scientific and friendly links with the following leading higher educational institutions and foreign scientific research centers: D.I. Mendeleev Russian Chemico-Technological University (Moscow city), St-Petersburg State Technological University (St-Petersburg), Ivanov  Chemico-Technological University (Ivanovo city), Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar, FakultatBauingenierurwesen (Germany), “Solar Physics” the institute of material science. Academy of Science, the Republic of Uzbekistan, M. Ulugbek Uzbek National University (Tashkent city) are supported by the chair Automatization, telecommunication and control on the educational program.