Beauty contest `Miss spring-2017

March 2 in the student hall №3 was held a beauty contest, which was attended by girls from three departments and high school. The competition was attended by representatives of the Department of educational work and youth policy, Deputy deans and senior curators. The competition consisted of 4 stages. The first stage greeting, the second stage – the skill, the ability to quickly prepare a salad, the fourth stage – the answers to situational questions. All girls were very beautiful, talented and prepared for competition at a high level. The contest was very interesting, the audience had an unforgettable experience of the holiday. High school of ITandE was represented by student of IP-16-8K Turganbekova Nazgul, which took 2nd prize. Nazgul were very good and were able to conquer the hearts of the audience. Wish Nazgul academic success and conquering new heights!