"Drug Addiction to Eliminate It"

1st course IP-19-3KP, IP-19-ZKZ, IP-19-8K, ИП-18-3К1, ИП-17-3к1 of the Department of Information Systems and Modeling at the Higher School of Information Technologies and Energy SKSU named after M. Auezov The students of the group of students of the 1-nd group: Usenova A.Zh., Botaeva S.B, Amanbaev TR, Iztaev JD organized a mentorship hour "Drug addiction - an epidemic, its removal task" in dormitory №3.

Drug addiction is a great threat to human health and national security of our country. The fight against drug addiction and drug trafficking has a clear international character, and the solution to this problem is also important for our state.

Purpose of the curriculum is to educate consciousness, along with the beauty of choosing a healthy lifestyle, avoiding dishonest practices by explaining the harmful effects of drugs, tobacco, and poison. Promoting drug trafficking, patriotism, patriotism, purity, health, enthusiasm

Visibility: An interactive whiteboard, a poster, an internet network with different color images

 Human health is the wealth of the society, and everyone should consider the ways of their own health. The healthy enthusiasm begins with zeal. Nasha, vodka, and tobacco are a threat to our nation's future.

Қазақпын мен жетті жұтты өткерген,

Аман - есен өтіп келген өткелден.

Нашақорлықтан,сақ болайық,

Дүниені орап келер беткейден.

Обасы ол ХХІ ғасырдың

Айырмаған досың менен қасың кім?

Мың - миллиондап жеп келеді жегіқұрт,

Қиылуда қыршынынан жасыл гүл.

Солардың бірі – сол құрдымға бастаған,

Маскүнемдік, нашақорлық теңеу барма басқа оған.

It reaches a person's senses, reduces the pain, and reaches a healing state, which can not survive without drugs.

 Therefore, make the most of your health today with the brightest years of your life. Do not jump on the roots of your youth.

In the environment we live in, we should not be tempted by the dangers of life-threatening drugs. Citizens of the XXI century will not allow global illness. Tomorrow's bright future is in our hands. You are our continuation, the future of our future! Kazakhstan is a healthy, intelligent, educated, educated, educated, educated, sons and daughters