The educational value of religion

On 15.03.2017y. 10-40,in the audience was round table. Theme is “The educational value of  religion ”. Holders: teachers of the chair  “Computer science” Sarybay M.A.and Utelbaeva A.K., students of  group FK -16-5k3. Present: Dean of the graduate  school  of  “Information technology and energy” , Besbaev G.A., head of the chair  “Computer science”   Medetbekov M.M. and teachers of  the chair “computer science”, specially guest Sametova D.B. Firstly Utelbaeva A.K. spoke about religion and extremism.  After then students told about them  thinking in conversation.  Sametova D.B. told  about religion and  she answered to students questions. Teacher  Sarybay M.A.  concluded at the and of the round table.