Foreign languages for technical specialities


The head of the chair

Makulbek Azamat Bolatbekuly

a candidate of philological sciences




Address: 160012 Shymkent, 5 Tauke Khan avenue, SKSU, «4» building, Chair “Foreign languages for technical specialities”

Phone: 8(7252) 30-12-76

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The general information

There is a number of the departments of foreign languages teaching functioning at 75 years anniversary Mukhtar Auezov South Kazakhstan State University. The department “Foreign languages for technical specialities”, established in 1955, has more than semicentennial history. In the times of the Soviet Union, being a structural division of the Kazakh Chemical and Technological Institute, the department obtained solid experience and achieved considerable success. Since foundation the department was headed by the following candidates of Philology: R.M. Kim, N.F. Sokolskaya, H.T. Ospanova, G.K. Karbozova, A.B. Makulbek. Each of them has contributed the own mite and left an appreciable mark in the history of the department.

Nowadays the department is successfully applying modern innovative methods and techniques of foreign languages teaching in the educational process. The educational activities of the department correspond completely to all the international requirements. Thus seven specialities of the faculty of Light and food-processing industry in 2008 and four specialities of the faculty of Information technology in 2010 successfully passed the International accreditation by the German centre of accreditation ASIIN (Accreditation Agency specialized in accrediting degree programmes in Engineering, Informatics, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics). The German experts highly appreciated the work of the staff and students and their level of knowledge of the English and German languages.

The activities on establishment of the international contacts are the key points of these considerable achievements of the department. Thus the assistant professor Hadisha Ospanova, being the head of the department, won the grants on some international programs and had a five-month course in the states of Illinois (1997) and Ohio (2002) of the USA, in addition she took an active part in the work of a methodological seminar in the city of Wales (Great Britain, 2005); the senior lecturer Bibi Daribayeva had the courses of pedagogical skills improvement in the city of Monpelye (France, 2000); the candidates of Philology Gulnara Karbozova and Moldir Shoymanova had a scientific study placement at Cambridge university (England, 2010); the senior lecturer Yryskul Izbasova successfully participated in the seminar on improvement of professional skills in the city of Freiburg (Germany). The acquired knowledge and skills are successfully applied by the teaching staff in the process of teaching and education of the younger generation during academic and extra-curricular studies.

The actual head of the department the candidate of Philology Azamat Makulbek is paying much attention to the creative search, considering development of professional knowledge and skills of the staff as the basis of art of teaching. During the current academic year owing to the initiative of the head of the department the methodological seminars of a different level, including the seminars with participation of domestic and foreign lecturers (native speakers) were held. Studying and generalization of the international experience on application of modern effective methods and techniques of foreign languages teaching were the key points of the organized seminars. In May a two-day seminar devoted to the improvement of professional skills of teachers of the Southern Region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with participation of the representative of DAAD Yan Boem (Berlin), the Ph. Doctor, professor of Kentucky University Miranda Stuart (USA), the Ph. Doctor of Creighton University Lydia Cooper and other leading foreign experts, was organized at the University.

Senior lecturer of the department “Foreign languages for the students of technical specialities” Shymyrbekova Aigul took her higher education internship training activities at the School of Education at the University of Leicester from October, 2014 to March, 2015 by the theme: Educational Management.

The objective of the research internship program was to enhance knowledge in increasing the access to various digital learning opportunities in order to meet the learning styles of millennial students which would allow teaching institutes to stay at the learning edge of education technology development that enables self-management learning. 

According to the principle of teaching and education unity, the teaching staff of the department tries to develop not only the communicative efficiency and competence of students in the course of academic studies, but also organizes and holds various activities of educational orientation, such as “conversations”, “round tables”, “competitions”, “debates”; in addition assists the orphan’s homes of Shymkent city in all-round development and education of their inmates.

The senior teacher of this chair Konanova Anar Esirkepkyzy has won the national competition of pedagogical projects in the period of 18 July till 30 August in 2016. It was organized by Embassy of France in Kazakhstan and she was invited to pass pedagogical training in Linguistical Centre of Stendal University city Grenoble (France).

Senior Teacher of the department of "Foreign languages for technical specialties" Yryskul Izbasova visited the city of Gennigsdorf, Germany September 17-30, 2017. Under the leadership of  Y. Izbasova group of 10 students aged 14-17 years-old  worked on an international project and won a 14-day trip to Germany.

Senior teachers from the Chair of Foreign Languages for Technical specialties at High School IT and E Aitbekova Zh.N., Baidabekova M.S., Mambetova G.T., Tomarbayeva S.T., Kudasbekova A.B. have attended “The Belt and Road”  National Talent Training Base Project at Beijing University of Chemical Tecnology (BUCT), one of  China’s leading universities.

The traineeship was during 03.06.2018 – 17.06.2018. The project included research discussion, campus and lab visiting, lectures presentation and cultural visiting. The aim of this project is to attract high-level and outstanding talents from our university to study, exchange and train in Beijing in future, develop and enhance mutual understanding and awareness between two sides.