Good character and intelligence-are moral qualities (Ybyray Altynsarin)

04.10.18 senior lecturers of the "Foreign languages for technical specialties" chair Mamekova S.К., Kurbanbayeva S.N. held a round table on the “The significance and role of spiritual and moral education in society” theme with students of the HT 18 2k1 group. The lesson covered the following topics: “Moral and moral qualities”, “Humanity is spiritual education”, “Spiritual and moral education of students, the path to the future is a necessary and actual problem today”, “Spiritual and moral education of the young generation serves the purpose of finding a place in society, the development of talents, the development of intelligence, the promotion of a decent and meaningful life through the essence of life, love, happiness, respect, peace, unity and tolerance. "

Conclusion: the education of young people in the education system, due to modern requirements, requires a restructuring the level of education. We rely on the saying: “Where there is upbringing, quality education will be a worthy future.” It has been proved that the morality and consciousness of man determine his order and action.