Independence is our stronghold

On the 25th of November students of group IT16-6k1 of the department "Computers and Software" have spent the demonstrative tutorial hour on the topic: "Independence is our stronghold" devoted to the 25 anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This tutorial hour has been dedicated to december events on December 16-17, 1986, memories of participants and victims of a December revolt. The event was filled with songs, kui on a dombyra, the song "Wind of December ..." was performed to the accompaniment of the guitar, the scenes about the participants of the December events were shown about Kayrat Ryskulbekov, Sabir Mukhamedzhanov, Erbol Sypatayev, Liazzat Asanova. The chief specialist of the department of “Educational work and Youth policy” N.A.Chernyavskaya, the head of the department “Computers and Software” S.T. Akhmetova, the senior tutor of the higher school of Information Systems and Electro-energetics Zh.U.Nyshanbaeva were attended this event.