Information communication technologies

   The head of the chair 

Dzhusupbekova Gulzat Turusbekovna

A candidate of pedagogical science, senior teacher  

The address:  160012 Shymkent city,  5 Tauke-khan avenue, “4” building

Telephone: 30-05-88

Fax: 8(7252) 30-05-88


Teachers' staff

General information

The department consists of 2 candidates of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professors, 1 candidates of pedagogical sciences, associate professors, 9 senior lecturers, 10 teachers, 1 engineer.

Department of "Information and communication technologies" Opened in 2002 on the basis of the Department of Informatics SKSU named after M. Auezov. 2017 has been renamed the Department of Information and Communication Technologies.

 The department teaches technical, natural-pedagogical and humanitarian specialties in full-time, correspondence and evening courses. Teachers of the department conduct the "Information and Communication Technologies" in English in the above directions.

 2002 - 2017 Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, docent M.M. Medetbekov was the head of the department.

2017 - 2018 Until January, the department was headed by candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent JD Iztayev.

January 11, 2018 Ph.D., senior lecturer Dzhusupbekova Gulzat Turysbekovna is appointed.

The purpose of the course "Information and communication technologies" is to provide students with skills, skills and basic knowledge of working with information and communication tools for the modification, creation, application and analysis of information models of specific objects and processes, as well as teaching other subjects. The program aims to build students' understanding of the role of information processes in the society, their technical capacities and the perspectives of using the ICT tools in various activities.

The discipline «ICT» educates students about the principles of technical safety during computer work, responsibility for observance of legal and ethical norms of information activity and is aimed at mobilizing collective work during project work.

In the course of the course "ICT" the students acquire the following skills:

- Computer concepts, modern technologies and their role in society;

- searching, storing, processing, storing and transmitting information in various forms using information and communication technologies;

- Developing, analyzing and modifying the model of specific systems and events using different software applications, as well as implementing their ideas;

- Development of logical, algorithmic, systematic and critical thinking skills through different tasks;

use of ICT tools to communicate, exchange information and interact with each other;

The department spends classes in the specialized educational laboratories equipped by computer engineering, which is used in educational process and scientifically - research job of the students. 

The plans for the future

To introduce in educational process new technologies of training, active and interactive methods of training.An effective usage system of management of quality in administrative, educational, methodical, scientific, unbringing and formality of activity.

Scientific communications of department 

1. The Euroasian State university named after Gumilev

2. The Moscow State university named after Lomonosov.

3. Novosibirsk university

4. National university of Uzbekistan named after Ulugbek

5. Almaty State University named after Abai

6. The Kazakh National State University named after  Alfarabi

7. The Karaganda State University named after  Bukeev

8. Kyzylorda State University named after  Korkyt-ata

9. International Kazakh-Turkish university named after  Yassayu

10. Tomsk University 

11. The Moscow Chemical university