Information systems and modeling

Chair «Information systems»

The Head of the Chair

Iztayev Zhalgasbek Dulatovich

PhD, Associate Professor

Address:  486018 Shymkent city, 5 Tauke-khan avenue, M. Auezov SKSU, “4” building, floor 7, auditorium 701

Tel.: 8(7252) 30-05-88


►Teachers' staff

History of the department "Information systems and modeling"

The department was named "Information Systems and Modeling", as a result of the merger of the departments "Information Systems" and "Mathematical Methods and Modeling", which was founded in September 2017. The department "Information Systems" was created on the basis of the Department "Economic Cybernetics" of  SKSU named after M.Auezov in 2002. The department trains  specialists:

• Bachelors in two educational programs: 5В070300 - "Information systems" and 5В070500 - "Mathematical computer modeling";

• Master students in two educational programs 6M070300- "Information systems", 6M070500- "Mathematical and computer modeling".

The masters of the department "Information systems and modeling" practice abroad. Graduates of the specialties "Information Systems" and "Mathematical and Computer Modeling" work in "Kazakhtelecom JSC", "Tax Committee", JSC "Yuzhpolimetall", JSC "KazTransGas", in the banking sector of Kazakhstan, etc.

Since the foundation of the department, Utebaev Kalmurat Abdrazakovich headed was the department. At  present  the chair is headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Iztayev Zhalgasbek Dulatovich.  Currently, the department includes:  4 doctors of sciences, professors, 10 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 1 doctor PhD and 13 masters.

The department maintains international relations with universities and scientific institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KazNU named after K.Satpayev, Kazakh Economic University named after T.Ryskulov, ENU named after L.Gumilev), as well as distant and near abroad (Malaysia - Putra University , Italy-University of Pisa, England - Technological Institute Vesseks), Russia (Moscow State University, Tambov Polytechnic University, Omsk Technical University, etc.), Czech Republic (Prague Polytechnic University); universities of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan).

In 2013, an expert in the field of theoretical informatics and information systems, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and many foreign academies Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Tyutyunnik, was invited to the department. The main purpose of the visit was to give lectures to graduates of the specialty 5В070300 - Information systems, consulting on topical problems and information systems issues, establishment of scientific ties between universities, etc. Two scientific articles were published on the basis of joint research.

Within the framework of the "Bolashak" program in March, 2014, the associate professor of the department Ismailov Kh.B. passed a scientific internship at M. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Under the program of raising the level of qualification "Orleu" in 2015, the teacher of the department "Information Systems" Mugalbekova A.A. was trained in Spain at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

In 2016, in order to support the policy of the Elbasy "Trilingualism" in education within the framework of the program "Global Intership" in order to improve language proficiency in academic mobility, the associate professor of the Department of Information Systems, SB Botayeva. was sent to Italy for further training.

Graduates of the department work in all spheres of activity and occupy a worthy position. The graduate of the department Alimtayev D. studied master’s degree in Malaysia, G. Sarsenov under the program "Bolashak" graduated from the master’s degree in England, he heads the JSC "National Information Technologies" in Astana, in addition, the graduate A.Bashenov - the director of the economic college in Shymkent, Akimov E. - General Director of Kazakhstan Silk Road LLP in Almaty, M.Moldarasilov - Head of Information Technology Department at Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Shymkent, Ismailov K.B. - Head of the Department for Analysis of Economic Investigations of the Organization of the Department of State Revenues for the South Kazakhstan Region, Rashidov K.A. - Head of the Information Technology Department at JSC "YUKOF" Kazakhstan People's Bank ", Borashev B.K - director of LLP Invest system Project LTD, Rakhimov FA - director of the company for computer diagnostics of cars, Bayanbaeva GM - specialist of SMEs in JSC YUKOF "Kazakhstan People's Bank", Abduvaliev AA - General Director of Information Technologies Invest Group LLP.

Graduates of the department can work as:

- network administrator;

- the system administrator;

- developer of mobile applications;

- specialist in database administration;

- software / software support specialist;

- specialist in technical documentation;

- the content manager;

- specialist in information security;

- business analytics;

- Specialist for working with large data;

at enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership, developing, implementing and operating information systems in various areas of human activity.

The Department of Mathematical Methods and Modeling was established in December 1993 on the basis of the Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics. The first head was the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Sadybekov Mahmud Abdysametovich.  In 1996-2003, the head of the department was Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kalmenov Tynysbek Sharipovich. Then the chair was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Medetbekova R.A, Ph.D., Associate Professor Zhapbarov S.A, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Sarsenbi A.M., Ph.D., associate professor Imanbaeva A.B. Professor Ismailov B.R. in 2012-2014, carried out a research grant for 22 million tenge on the topic "Modeling and forecasting the consequences of man-made disasters". The results are implemented in scientific-design organizations and regional departments of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Ismailov B.R. the holder of the state grant "The Best Teacher of the University-2007", a full member of the International Academy of Informatization since 2006.

Professor Muratov A.S. is the holder of the state grant "The best teacher of the university-2009".



Educational work

One of the main functions of the teaching staff of the Department is to educate students on the basis of spiritual, moral, civil and рatriotic education.

The Department of «Information systems and modeling» trains 20 academic groups: 15 Kazakh and 5 Russian groups. Each group has a curator.

Educative work of the Department "Information systems and modeling" is conducted in 10 directions. In accordance with this plan of educative work the Department develops and approves its action plan.

September 4, 2018-2019 academic year at the Department of "Information systems and modeling" with first year students was held a meeting, where was discussed the “Lawon education", the internal order of the University, the educative process, participation in public life, where the head of the Department  Iztayev Zh. D., senior curator of the Department Kulenova E. T. and adviser of the Department Asylbekova А. were participated.

"You are stronger than you think, wake up!"

"Information systems and modeling", organized by the Center for Student Psychological Assistance "You are stronger than you think, wake up!". The central specialist Tolegen Zhandaulet shared his thoughts on psychological, favorite books, creating a joint dialogue with students. During the seminar, most students noted that they see literature and films that help create a psychological portrait of a person. The seminar was interesting.

Department "Information Systems and Modeling" group curators and students visited the traveling exhibition of the President's library called "N. Nazarbayev: the epoch, personality, society "held in the regional historical museum of local lore where the Archive of the President's Library was presented, materials of museum funds: state awards of N.A Nazarbayev, presented books with signatures of heads of state and Kazakhstan authors, works of the President translated into foreign languages.


On March 27, 2013 on Information Systems chair with working visit there arrived the expert in the field of theoretical informatics and information systems, the Dr.Sci.Tech., the professor, the academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and many foreign academies Tyutyunnik Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich.

Tyutyunnik V. M. also is the director of the FGOU VPO "Moscow State University of Culture and Arts" Tambov branch and the founder – the President of the International Information Nobel Centre (IINC).

Professor V.M.Tyutyunnik is an expert in the field of theoretical informatics, science of science, nobelistics; author about 700 works. I developed and investigated heat-resistant chemically active polymers. I created and patented a series of devices for measurement of physical and chemical characteristics of gases and liquids. I brought an essential contribution to improvement bibliotechno – muzeyno – arkhivno - information technology. Since the beginning of the 70th conducts researches in the field of A.Nobel's heritage, scientific value of the opening, the awarded Nobel Prizes; the author of a number of unique editions on nobelistics; the organizer of nine international conferences in this area (all are carried out in Tambov, 1989-2010), eight international conferences on informatics and science of science (all – in Tambov, 1983-2001). At the beginning of the 90th I based the new direction on an informatics and science of science joint – нобелистику which to the end of the century gained the international recognition. I developed the theory and technology nobelistics, I created the first computer databases on 20 it to the main directions.

Main objective of arrival – lecturing to undergraduates of specialty 5B070300 – Information systems and 5B070500 - Mathematic and computer modeling  consultation on actual problems and questions of information systems, establishment of scientific communications between higher education institutions, etc.

Tyutyunnik V. M. occupations will be devoted to questions according to the analysis and modeling of information processes, the organization and planning of scientific researches, etc.  Classes will be daily given with 10.00 till 13.00 and will last till April 10 of the current year.

Undergraduates and teachers of Information Systems chair and adjacent chairs of faculty belonged with interest and actively participate in its occupations. Also individual consultations of teachers on the interested to questions are planned.

The chair constantly expands the base of practice. Places of practice:

The main objective of the practice is to consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained by students in the learning process at the University on the basis of in-depth study of the organization, institution or enterprise, where the practice and  industrial skills and methods are acquired.

In accordance with the state educational standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the following types of practices are provided: educational, training, industrial and others.The purpose of educational practice is to familiarize students with the educational programs implemented by the University, the activities of the University, profession, tasks and activities of future professional activities.

Leading teachers of the Department are appointed by the University as the head of the educational practice. In the case where the training practice is defined as a continuation of the study of the discipline, it is carried out by teachers of the Department in this area.Leading teachers of the Department (professors, associate professors, senior teachers) are appointed as heads of industrial and pre-diploma practice.Practice bases:

1. LLP "ARMS" - the enterprise for the provision of construction services (Shymkent,);

2. LLP "Zhomart-Kamkor" - the enterprise for the provision of construction services (Shymkent),);

3. LLP "Company Tire Line" is the company providing transport services ;

4. RSE "phytosanitary" is a company of sanitary maintenance;

5. LLP "Margin-motors" - a company selling transportation;

6. Sfera-f LLP the enterprise for rendering construction services (Shymkent,);

7. LLP "Otau Stroy" enterprise for the provision of construction services (Shymkent,);

8. Scientific center " Theoretical and applied mathematics» ;

9. JSC Bank " ATF " - banking service company (Shymkent));

10. Committee on legal statistics and special records of the General Prosecutor's office of the Republic of Kazakhstan Shymkent;

1. Too "Tabys-E" (Zhetysay)

12. LLP "Balance Service" (Shymkent);

13. LPP"Agroconsulting" (Shymkent);

14.LLP "Fudmaster-trade" company (Shymkent );

15.JSC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" - enterprise for the provision of railway services(Shymkent),);

16. JSC Kazpost-the enterprise for rendering services of communication (Shymkent);

17. LLP "MACINTOSH" (Shymkent);

Vocational guidance work

To conduct career guidance work, the teaching staff of the Department "Information Systems" held field meetings in the schools of Saryagach district - secondary school №7 named after Tole bi, № 13 of them Kazakhstan 50 years, number 29 of them Ulykbek, № 36 of them K. Tokmuhanbetova, № 37 of them B. Maylin, № 137, № 82 them Zh. Zhabaeva, number 55 of them O. Zhautikova and others.

Also, explanatory work was carried out among the graduates of schools assigned to the department, in the 2-nd lyceum boarding school " Білім-инновация ", No. 31 of them V. Tereshkova.

In the colleges " Higher College of new technologies named after Manap Utebayev ", " Bolashak ", " Humanitarian and agro-economic ", " multi-profile ", professional orientation work was carried out in the specialties 5В070300 - "Information systems" and 5В070500 - "Mathematical and computer modeling". Graduates were clarified the provisions for entrance examinations, a list of specialties and the university.


Scientific work


Vocational guidance work
            Carrying out vocational guidance work is an activity aimed at preparing young people to choose their desired specialty. Through carrying out pro-orientation work, students are placed with the corresponding requirements in the specialties chosen by them, which requires them to be interested in this specialty in a market economy.

Vocational guidance work at the department is carried out in schools of the city of Shymkent and the region. When meeting with graduates of schools, our teachers told about the allocated educational grants in all specialties, explains the rules of admission and passing examinations in creative specialties and provide full information about SKSU them. M. Auezov. Information booklets, posters are distributed, and days and times for consultations for applicants are announced.

            Department of Information Systems and Modeling of M.Auezov SKSU in Saryagash district: Tolebi schools No. 7, No. 13 Kaz. 50 years old, №29 Ulykbek, №36 K.Tokmukhametova, №37 B.Maylina, №51 T.Rysқulova, №55 O.Zhautikov and others also in the city of Shymkent in secondary school №31 Tereshkova and Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum - boarding school № 2 for gifted girls carried out campaign work with graduates.
Visited the colleges assigned to the High School "Information Technologies and Energy":
By specialties: 5В070300 - Information Systems, 5В070500 - “Mathematical and Computer Simulation” was conducted by vocational guidance in the colleges “New Technologies”, “Bolashak”, “Humanitarian - Agroeconomic”, “South Kazakhstan Pedagogical”, “Otyrar”, “Multiprilism”.
Most graduates expressed a desire to enter the M. Auezov SKSU. Career-oriented events were held in all schools of the Saryagash district.

In the schools assigned to the department, vocational guidance work was carried out, in all of these schools, various advertising materials about the university and university specialties were distributed to graduates. Meetings were organized with graduates of schools, teachers, where they talked about the level of the university, the material and technical base, about successes in science, culture, sports, about numerous specialties, about the quality of teaching, and answered questions. Full information was given about the life of the university, faculty. The meeting participants were grateful.