Meeting with employers

In April 22, the chair of "Energetics and renewable energy systems" organized a meeting with representatives of the Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) enterprise "Energoortalyk-3" with graduates of the 4th year in the specialities of "5B071800-Electroenergetics" and "5B071700-Heat power engineering". The purpose of this meeting was to attract talented young people to popular vacancies in the company.
How to attract in the company of the best graduates? Eurasian Resources Group celebrating 25-year anniversary this year has several ways. Annually ERG together with tens of various companies participates in the job fairs held by educational institutions for the graduates. Also the company participated in the international World Skills Championships and the Kazakhstan Hackathons - competitions of the ideas in the solution of business cases which winners did practical training a training at the enterprises of Group. And the best - got a job.
During the day students were addressed by masters of productions and representatives of the ERG HR block. They told about competitive advantages of the enterprises of Group before other companies, about the prospect of development of the company for the next years. Participants at the event obtained information on The Future with ERG program within which the Group interacts with students and graduates, about opportunities for development of employees and about active work of youth board of the company. Pluses of The Future with ERG program are: the paid practice/training; fixing of the mentor/head; employment; development of the career plan and transfer in a personnel reserve.
Students were told about opportunities of career development within internal/external rotation at the enterprises of Group.  
On meetings information on a social package for employees which is serious advantage at employment was also provided. Enters the list of advantages of social package: the health insurance, food, delivery, bonuses following the results of a year, additional days to the main holiday for workers of the production block, preferential medical records, internal and external trainings, a possibility of participation in housing programmes of Group.
In the end of the meeting to students announced the Open Day at the enterprises of Group and start of a competition in the solution of business cases. Won an intellectual competition will be invited to a scientific and technical conference in by Nur-Sultan in May.