Memory hard years

January 31, 2019 students of the group IP-18-6R visited with a tour of the Regional Museum of victims of political repression. During the visit, students learned that the Shymkent Museum is one of the first political museums in the country and was opened on November 2, 2001. The external architecture and internal design of the Museum are built according to a certain theme, that is, the memory of the victims of political repression. Architect and designer of the Republic of Kazakhstan Honored art worker A.Naymanbai. The Museum of victims of political repression has 2 halls: the exhibition hall and the hall of "Worship", which is located on the second floor of the Museum. The core of the whole composition is the sculpture "Repression". On the stands in front of the eyes of visitors are the tragic pages of the history of Kazakhstan. Students learned a lot of new things and personally came into contact with valuable shots of history.