«Mentorship hour dedicated to Independence Day of Kazakhstan»

1st course IP-19-3KP, IP-19-ZKZ, IP-19-8K, ИП-18-3К1, ИП-17 of the Department of Information Systems and Modeling at the Higher School of Information Technologies and Energy SKSU named after M. Auezov The students of the group of students of the 1-nd group:

 Usenova A.Zh., Botaeva S.B, Amanbaev TR, Iztaev JD organized a mentorship hour dedicated to " Independence Day of Kazakhstan " in dormitory №3.

The purpose of the mentorship hour: - To tell students about the difficulties of the Kazakh people over the centuries, to focus on the national intelligentsia who fought for the freedom of this country in these difficult years. After discussing and remembering the nature of the December uprising, perpetuate the names of the victims of the uprising.

Visibility: interactive board, poster, internet, color images.

We are gathered here for this historical-literary hour to remember once again our history and the 28th anniversary of the country’s independence.

We are proud to raise our blue flag, honor our coat of arms and our anthem, and we want to say that in the sunny sky there is always a steppe eagle with spread wings, serving as a symbol of courage and Independent.