The open curatorial hour on the topic " Заңды білу - заман талабы"

At the department "Energetics and nonconventional energy systems " in accordance with the plan of educational work 11.19.2015 at 10-40 in auditoriums 504G was open curatorial hour in Group SP-14-4k1 SP -14-4k2 (curators Apsemetova A. and Muratova K.) on the topic " Заңды білу  - заман талабы". In an open curatorial hour were invited senior curator of the University Board of curators Beisembaev S., Acting Senior Curator GS "Information Technology and Energy" Kulenova E.T., senior curator of the department Kulmahanova I. and others. Specially invited senior curator of faculty «jurisprudence and international relations" Ibraev Zhandos. He told the students about the basic terms used in the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, told about new changes in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also answered the students' questions.

At the end of an open lesson performed Beisembaev S., he stressed the relevance of spiritual and moral education of youth and the open curatorial hours contributes to the enrichment of the individual.