Participation of students of “Energetics and renewable energy system” department in a festival of the ideas U:hack

On February 2 - on February 3, 2019 in the city of Shymkent to the address Zheltoksan St. 9/4, Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan there took place the festival of the ideas U:hack in which students of 3 and 4 courses of group ИП-16-4P and ИП-15-4P of “EaRES” department participated

U:hack is a festival of the ideas where everyone in the creative and informal environment turns the ideas into project prototypes.

U:hack is the unique platform for realization of the innovative ideas, the platform for the digital solution of urgent problems of society and the state, and also development of the creative younger generation.

Festival format: creation and development of the project from the idea to a prototype in 24 hours. During this time participants have to develop, think up, create the decision for tasks or develop a prototype of the project in the chosen section. Tasks are given by partners and organizers of a festival.