Power and nonconventional power systems

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   Sakhmetova Gulmira

  Doctor PhD, senior  teacher 






Address:160012 Shymkent city, 5 Tauke-khan avenue, M. Auezov SKSU, main building, Faculty “Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Automatized Systems”, chair “Electroenergetics”.

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Aims and results of module educaion programms Bacheleor 

Aims and results of module education programms Masters


General information

 The department dates back to 1961, when the Department of Electrical Engineering was organized at the Kazakh Chemical Technology Institute. The department was general educational and conducted classes in the disciplines "Electrical Engineering" for students of technological specialties.

In 1994, documents were prepared and the specialty "Electric drive and automation of technological complexes" was opened. In the same year the department recruited students for the specialty "Electric drive and automation of technological complexes". Associate Professor Smogorzhevsky V.U. was appointed as the head of the department. The department was general educational and conducted classes in the discipline "Electrical Engineering" for students of technological specialties.

In 1979, the head of the department was appointed candidate of technical sciences, assistant professor Ilyasov RM, who was at the head of the department until 1990.

In 2006, the decision of the SKSU Council resulted in the establishment of the Department of Electrical Power Engineering. The department trained students and undergraduates in the specialty "Power Engineering". The teaching staff of the department engaged in scientific research in the field of power conversion technology, electric drive, and electrical technologies. The head of the department is Associate Professor Romanenko A.F.

The teaching staff of the department was engaged in scientific research in the field of power conversion technology of electric drive, electrotechnology.

 Since the first issue in 1999 to the present time the department has trained more than 1000 specialists - power engineers of the highest qualification.

In 2010, the Rector's order was renamed the department. The new name of the department "Energy and non-traditional energy systems" is associated with the opening of one more specialty - "Heat power engineering", as well as the development of the scientific direction of non-traditional and renewable energy. In the 2013-2014 academic year, the first graduates of the bachelors degree in specialty 5В071700 "Heat power engineering" took place.




Еhe teaching staff of the department "Power and non-traditional energy systems" (2017)


At the department of "Power and non-traditional energy systems", bachelors are trained in specialty 5В071800 - "Power Engineering" for the following specializations:

- electric drive and automation of technological complexes;

- electric power supply;

- non-traditional and renewable sources of energy;

Bachelors are also being trained in specialty 5В071700 - "Heat power engineering" by specialization - thermal power plants.

           The department conducts training of masters on a specialty

6M071800 - "Power engineering" in the following areas:

 - profile, duration of training - 1 year;

- profile GPIIIR (state program of innovative industrial development), training period - 1.5 years;

- scientific and pedagogical, term of training - 2 years;

Graduates who have graduated from the Master's program receive an academic master's degree in engineering and technology in the direction of "Power Engineering", who graduated from the scientific and pedagogical master's degree "academic master's degree in engineering 6M071800 Power Engineering ".        

   Graduates of our department can work practically at any enterprise and perform technical maintenance and control over the quality of operation of power plants and substations, electrical systems and networks, electrical equipment of vehicles, electric drive and automation of technological complexes.

The Kazakhstanskaya Pravda newspaper, dated May 18, 2016, published the results of the ranking of the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the areas and levels of training of specialists in 2016. The rating was conducted by the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (NAAR). According to the results of the rating of specialty 5В071800 - "Power engineering" and 5В071700 - "Heat power engineering" in SKSU took the second place in the Republic.

In 2017 the specialty 5В071800 - "Power engineering" and magistracy 6М071800 - "Power engineering" successfully passed the re-accreditation in NKAO.

   The department has 5 training laboratories equipped with the most modern equipment, which ensures the performance of laboratory works on all disciplines of the department.

Bachelor training is provided by 23 teachers, including: 2 doctors of sciences, 1 professor, 5 candidates of science and assistant professors, 5 masters, 12 senior teachers.



Students at the laboratory stand


Students in the classroom


International connections

Our department cooperates on scientific and technical directions with the following universities:

1. National Research University MEI (Moscow, Russia);

2. Scientific Research Center of Moscow TsAGI (Moscow, Russia);

3. Ural State University named after the First President of Russia BN Yeltsin (Ekaterina, Russia);

4. Beijing Energy University (Beijing, PRC);

5. Brno Technical University (Brno, Czech Republic);

6. Kirghiz State Technical University named after I.Rozzakov (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan);

The chair also cooperates with the  Almaty University of  Energy and Communications.

The Agreement on the joint training of qualified personnel on the coordinated educational programs for the preparation of masters in the direction "Energy" was signed within the framework of cooperation between the University of Shanghai Organization and the Scientific Research University of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Moscow, Russia).

At the present time, within the framework of the Agreement, the Department of "EiNES", SKSU, the joint program for the preparation of masters of the specialty "Power Engineering" with the Scientific-Research University of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Moscow, Russia) has been developed.

Now under this program are studying 2 undergraduates: in the 2nd course - Ergeshov A. and on 1 course - Shyngizov N.

In the symposium on energy direction of the University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Beijing (PRC), September 24-27, 2017, a meeting of the section of wind and solar energy of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Perspective directions of alternative energy and energy saving technologies" was held.

Our university at the Symposium was represented by a delegation headed by the rector of the University Myrhalykov Zh.U.: pro-rector for SD and IT Baibolov K.S., dean of the Higher School of Information Technologies and Energy Besbayev G.A., acting head of the Department  "Energy and non-traditional energy systems" Berdalieva AA

Within the framework of the Symposium, our delegation signed: "An agreement on the joint training of qualified personnel on the coordinated educational programs for the preparation of masters in the direction" Energy "within the framework of the University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization between the North China Electric Power University (" Huadian ") and the South Kazakhstan State University. M. Auezov,

For undergraduates specializing in 6M071800 Power engineering, opportunities are open to study one semester or one year depending on the program, get a transcript or double diploma, at the North China Electric Power University, at the Chinese University of  Oil.



 The moment of signing the Agreement by Wang Jinping and Myrkhalykov Zh.U.



At the signing ceremony of the Agreement with the North China Electric Power University



Ceremony of signing the agreement at the Chinese University of Oil


The  scientific life

Scientific activity of teachers of the department in 2017 was carried out within the framework of development of leading scientific cathedral themes:

   1. НИНИ №Б-16-04-01 "Development and research of electrotechnical and electromechanical systems of renewed energy sources".

Phase 1 "Development and study of energy converters in the electrical energy of renewable energy sources" was completed and a report was compiled.

Phase 2 "Development and study of mechanical energy converters in the electrical energy of wind turbines" started work, the report on which was compiled at the end of 2017.

  2.NIIR №B-16-04-02 "Studies of the flow of liquid in the elements of heat and mass transfer devices." Two stages have been investigated for this state budget work.

 Stage 1. Review of scientific and technical literature on the structure of fluid flow in canals of various shapes. Analysis of mathematical descriptions of the distribution of fluid velocity along the cross section of the channel, work is completed, a report is compiled.

Stage 2. Development of a hypothetical physical model of the beginning of the transition of laminar flow to turbulent flow, and its mathematical description, the work continues.

The most significant results of the department's research are collections of articles based on the results of scientific and practical conferences that raise important, urgent problems. Since the beginning of the year, the faculty has prepared and published 38 publications: In journals with impact factor (0.100) - 6, in Republican magazines (VAK) - 1; in collections of scientific works of the international scientific-practical conference-5; "Auezov Readings" - 12; IV International Conference "Industrial Technologies and Engineering", ICITE-2017 - 4. in the proceedings of the 20th Student Scientific Conference on Natural, Technical, Socio-Humanitarian Sciences: "New Developed Kazakhstan - The Purpose of the Youth of the Great Steppe Country" - 7, published 3 educational-methodical manuals, 8 scientific research works are introduced into the educational process.

An application for conducting research in the framework of program-targeted funding for 2016-2017 was submitted to the Committee of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the following topics:

- under the guidance of  associate professor Ilyasov RM on the topic "Investigating the initialization of the wind flow in the local area and converting its energy into electrical energy".


Laboratory bench - study of solar battery


The manufacture of the wind tunnel according to the sketches of the department at "Завод Электроаппарат" LLP


Research work of students

A student scientific-practical conference is held annually at the level of the Higher School of Information Technology and Energy.

At this conference, students come forward with a research report, which they prepared during the year under the guidance of teachers on the following topics:

 1. New methods for developing alternative energy sources by applying modern energy-saving technologies.

2. Optimization and improvement of energy efficiency in the transmission and  distribution of electrical energy.

A feature of the current conference (2017-2018 academic year) was the creation of a "Model for creating a forced wind flow" students of the group of IP 15-4p. The scientific novelty and practical significance of this model is that the possibility of converting the heat of geothermal sources into an air stream whose energy can be converted into electrical energy is being investigated.


At the student scientific-practical conference on the section "Energy and non-traditional energy systems"


Demonstration of the layout of devices for creating a forced wind flow by students of the IP 15-4p group


Speech at the Student Conference of the student group IP 15-4k2 Mahat Аdіlet


Awarding the student of the group of IP 15-4r Abdullaev Agali


Students of our department participate annually in the republican Olympiad among future power engineers of the specialty 5В071800- "Power Engineering", organized under the leadership of "Samruk-Energo" and Almaty University of Energy and Communications. This year the student of the group IP-15-4p Abdullayev Agaly took the 4th place in the overall standings, was awarded a cash prize (degree) for the amount of 200000 tenge of the grant of Samruk-Energo JSC.

Subsequently, the teachers of the department intend to strengthen the training of students and thus increase the indicators especially in such important events.


Mahat A., Fayz N. and Abdullayev A. after the awarding of the diploma


Students awarded a cash prize


Base of production practice

Bachelors studying according to the educational program 5В071800 - "Electric power" and 5В071700 - "Heat and power engineering" pass the following practices:

  • educational (teaching and learning);

  • < >

    professional (pre-diploma).

The educational practice is conducted with the purpose of students receiving initial ideas about technology, organization of works at industrial enterprises.

The production practice is conducted with the aim of consolidating the theoretical and practical knowledge gained by students in studying general professional and special disciplines, studying job duties, economic issues, organizing and planning production.

Professional practice of students is conducted at enterprises, in scientific research organizations, where it is possible to study materials related to the topic of the final qualifying work of a bachelor. The practice of students is one of the most important and compulsory forms of the educational process, aims to consolidate and deepen theoretical knowledge, acquire skills of independent work, allows students to assess the level of acquired competencies.

Our students pass industrial and pre-diploma practice at the following enterprises of the city and region:

1. LLP «Оңтүстік  Жарық Транзит»

2. LLP «Южказэнергоремонт»

3. LLP «Феррум Фтор»

4.  JSC «Энергоорталық-3»

5. «Оңтүстік жүйе аралық электр тораптары»   JSC  «KEGOC»  

6. JSC «Карданвал»

7. LLP «Электроаппарат зауыты»

8. LLP «Рахат»

9. JSC «Шымкентцемент»

10. JSC «Шардара ГЭС»

11.   LLP «Юникс»

12.  LLP  «Шымкент-Құс»

13.  JSC «Кентауский  трансформаторный  завод»

14. CHPP– 5  .



Students of the department in JSC "Кентауский трансформаторный завод" in production practice


Master's  Courses

The magistrates of our department conduct scientific research internships at the Moscow Power Engineering University and the Specialized Design and Technology Bureau at the Institute of Ion-Plasma and Laser Technologies of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan (SKTB under the Institute of Information Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan). For academic mobility, masters of 1 or 2 semesters are trained abroad.

Magistrates of the specialized direction pass professional practice at the enterprises of the South Kazakhstan Oblast: Open Joint-Stock Company "Оңтүстік Жарық Транзит", LLP "Electroapparat zauyty", "Оңтүстік жүйе аралық электрор тораптары" JSC "KEGOC", etc.

The undergraduates of the profile and scientific and pedagogical direction passed foreign internships at the National Research University of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Moscow, Russia), Kirzyz State Technical University named after I.Rozzakov (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan).

According to academic mobility in 2016-2017 academic year, the undergraduate student of the group MIT-15-5nr Utebaev MM. He studied at the Brno Technical University (Brno, Czech Republic). In the 2017-2018 academic year, undergraduates Ergeshov A. (SMIT-16nr group, 2 year) and N. Shyngysov (SMIT-17nr group, 1 year) are trained in the framework of the USOS under the joint program of two-diploma education at the National Research University MEI (Moscow , Russia).


Magistrant Korolkov A.V. in the research laboratory "Hydropower and renewable energy sources" NIU MEI (Moscow)

Master of Science M. Utebaeva. in the research laboratory "Hydropower and renewable energy sources" NIU MEI (Moscow)


Magistrant Ergeshov A. delegate and participant of the project at the "XIX World Festival of Youth and Students" in Sochi. (October 13-23, 2017)


Certificate issued to Ergeshov A.


Magistrates in the classroom


Speech by Master Shyngysov N. at the scientific conference


Our  athletes

Among the students of our department there are achievements in sports of the national and international level

  -student of the group IP-16-4ks Rustembekov Zharyl-Asyas took 1st place in the Republican competitions in arm-wrestling.

 student of the group IP-16-4k2 Turynbay Beksultan plays in the football team SDYUSHOR № 7. In 2017, he and his team traveled to Bulgaria (took 2nd place) and Turkey (took 1st place).

- student of the group IP-16-4k2 Turdybay Nurlybek is a member of the national team of juniors in the national sport "Kokpar".

- student of the group IP-16-4k2 Қaltay Bekzhan participated in the "Universiade - 2017" in the winter sport.


Rustembekov Zharyl-Asyun took 1st place in the Republican Arm-wrestling competition


Turynbay Beksultan during the game


Composition of the football team


Awards Turinbay Bexultan


Turdybay Nurlybek in the republican team of juniors for "Cockpar".


Altay Bekzhan on "Universiade 2017"


Altay Bekzhan on Universiade 2017


Certificate in the name of Alta Bekzhan



Student  life

The students' youth life of our department is full of various activities:

- activities for the organization of Pancake week;

-the celebration of the national holiday Nauryz;

-manifestations for the Day of Unity of Peoples and others.

In each academic group there are open curatorial hours devoted to various significant dates, seminars and practical classes on the curriculum.

Also, students participate in city events, such as: annual congratulation of Honored Power Engineers of the region, an event to celebrate the Day of the City.

Students actively participate in city subbotniks and contribute to the ecological state of the city.


Open curatorial hour, curator Buribekov A.


An open curatorial hour, curated by Tokenov N.



Students of the IP-17-4k2 group at the forum "We are against -PAID!"


Group IP-16-4k2 in the Museum of the University


Meeting with veterans of the Afghan war


Sertzhan Magzhan at EXPO-2017


Students of the IP-14-4k2 group at the event


In urban cleaning