«Сегодняшнее согласие, будущее наследие»

The head of the department "ICT" G Dzhusupbekova published in the newspaper "South Kazakhstan" No. 31 (20689) of February 28, 2019 an article on the topic: "Today's accord, future legacy." The article by Head of State N.A. Nazarbayev "Seven facets of great steppes" in the fifth face Cradle of the Turkic world, where he noted the birth of the Turkic world, the creation of a nomadic and settled civilizations by the Turks, which led to the flourishing of medieval cities that became centers of art, science and world trade. He especially noted the medieval Otyrar, which gave humanity one of the greatest minds of world civilization Abu Nasr al-Farabi and the great spiritual leader of the Turkic peoples of Kozha, Ahmet Yassaui, who lived and worked in the city of Turkestan.