South Kazakhstan is my Motherland!

As part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the University students of IP-16-6ks specialty Computer engineering and software visited with a tour of the South Kazakhstan Museum of local history.

South Kazakhstan regional Museum of local history appeared in 1920. For almost a century period of its history the Museum has undergone several transformations and renaming. At that time it was called Chimkent pedagogical Museum and pedagogical laboratory of Syrdarya regional Department of national education, and its purpose was to provide schools with educational visual benefit.

To date, the Museum together with its branches collected 88 709 exhibits, including 57 640 of the main Fund and 32 869 - scientific support. The Museum has a scientific library with more than 6500 scientific and popular literature. The Museum is visited by 100,000 visitors a year. More than 250 lectures are given for them, more than 1000 excursions and about 90 mass events are held, and more than 100 permanent and mobile exhibitions are organized.