Section №11 Development of IT-technologies and production automation in the light of"THIRD MODERNIZATION OF KAZAKHSTAN” International scientific-practical conference"Auezov readings - 15: The third modernization of Kazakhstan - new concepts and modern solutions"was held in classrooms №603,"Г"building of the Higher School ITE. The conference is an annual scientific and technical event at which scientists, teachers, doctoral students, undergraduates from various universities of Kazakhstan and foreign countries gather, exchange experiences and ideas on promising areas of the industry development. Among the scientific reports that were heard, participants especially drew attention to the discussion and scientific debate of the following researchers:

1. Aliaskarov S.Zh Architecture development of bid data analysis system (International Information Technology University, Almaty, Kazakhstan).

2. Arystanbaev K.E. Development of an optimal control system for the operation of a steam boiler (SKAU named after M.Auezov).

3. Saribay M.A. Perspectives of using methods of teaching of information and communication technologies in education system (M.Auezov SKSU).

Their scientific novelty aroused the interest of the conference participants, who turned to scientific discussion. The answers to many interesting questions were received.