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S. Mamekova, Senior Lecturer of the "Foreign Languages for Technical Specialties" chair of the Higher School "Information Technologies and Energetics" held on 02.11.2018 (10.40, 227 B) an open lesson on the theme "Sport".

The aim of the lesson: Knowledge synthesis and systematization on the theme "Sport"

Senior Lecturer Mamekova S.K. to achieve the aim of the lesson set the following tasks:


• to train and fix in the speech of students lexical units on the topic;

• to form speech skills that provide cognitive and communicative needs of students;

• to use new vocabulary words to expand the vocabulary of students.


• to develop language skills and sustained interest in learning English;

• to broaden the horizons of students, to develop practical skills of working in a group.


• to contribute to the development of a tolerant attitude towards sport,

• to promote co-operation in collective work;

In the open lesson used:

Necessary equipment and materials for the lesson - presentation, cards for group and individual work and reading, pictures, board, book, notebook

Students of SM18-1K2 group took an active part in the lesson, demonstrated their skills in speaking, reading, writing. Also in the course of the lesson were diverse knowledge of students. They tried to give complete answers, commenting on the tasks being performed. The high activity of the group throughout the lesson was maintained by the creation of problem situations. Mamekova S.K. skillfully connected the material under study with everyday life, attracted to discuss past experience of students, used a smooth transition from one task to another, the sequence of which corresponds - from easy to difficult. We can also add the rational usage of traditional pedagogy and active teaching methods, teaching tact and culture of speech.